How to make room for innovation with limited time and resources Having an idea is easy – the hard part...
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How to create a framework for other people's innovation The construction industry is potentially a crucial factor on many critical...
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How to create a solid groundwork in terms of both visions and value when building In a world of constant...
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Smith offers services within

  • Sector analysis and policy recommendations
    By offering a holistic and cross-disciplinary approach Smith delivers analysis for trade organisations, funding agencies and governmental institutions that creates the infrastructure for innovation in the building industry.
  • Vision statement and involvement
    Involvement and a clear vision are cornerstones in a successful realisation of products or building projects. Based on our substantial workshop experience and knowledge of the key players of the industry, Smith is able to ensure the recruitment, facilitation and synthesis that yields a novel perspective as well as operational guiding principles.
  • Ideation and launch of new products and services
    Smith can assist you in reaching the full potential of your idea – whether it is a new product or service. We do this by challenging your idea and establishing the team which has the necessary insight regarding technical, market, organisation, and customer aspects.
  • Raising external capital
    Based on our access to funding agencies and investors, Smith is able to raise external capital for your development project. We assist in formulating a funding strategy, identify relevant funds, and formulating the application.
  • Inspiration, trends and knowledge
    Our unique combination of sectorial knowledge and insights obtained from research and broader societal interest provides a solid platform for seminars and workshops that will challenge your company’s way of thinking.