"Byen til Vandet" - Holistic urban development /// Fact
Project period: 
C.F. Møller, Orbicon, Habitats
Randers Kommune

The municipality of Randers has initiated an ambitious urban development project with a vision to utilize the city’s location on the banks of the surrounding fiord to re-establish and strengthen the connection between the water and the city which has been “cut off” by the traffic-related infrastructure.

The key element is to ensure a holistic and sustainable urban development where the goals set for the overall economy interacts with the goals set for climate adaptation, infrastructure, and the creation of new recreational possibilities - all of which is crucial to ensure political and popular anchoring. For this Smith conducted a pre-analysis that - based on different scenarios - states the potentials of meeting the vision for urban development by encompassing the challenges related to climate adaptation and infrastructure made from a holistic stakeholder involvement. The result was a political decision proposal that paves the way for a focused planning process.