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Smith is a Danish consultancy working with research and development in the building and water industry. Our aim is to realize the innovation potential of the industries and to achieve a more sustainable and efficient building and water sector by generating added value for the benefit of both companies, customers and society. 

Our combination of specialized industry knowledge and solid experience with innovation management enable us to create the basis for innovation – transforming ideas into ready-for-market solutions.

Smith is deeply rooted in an academic background within economics and social science. This enables us to address often neglected perspectives in a product- and project-oriented industry. We believe this cross-functional approach is the key to success regardless of whether we are enabling firms to develop new services or providing policy recommendations for governmental institutions.

We believe that an increased complexity in the challenges that meet our clients must be matched with an increased complexity in how to understand them. Therefore, Smith is a team of specialists with different academic backgrounds, but all having in common that we complement the current disciplines of the building industry. Having this wide but at the same time “in depth” approach enables us to apply a 360-degree perspective on the industry and translate its internal agendas into specific and tangible value and new market opportunities for our clients.

With a solid academic background in economics and social sciences, and a broad cross-disciplinary approach, we address complex challenges with a complexity in how to understand them. Therefore, our innovation approach includes a 360-degree analysis of both the physical, financial, political, and human resources that can drive and describe a development potential.  In a world occupied with physical infrastructure, our main focus is not to handle the water flows, but the decision flows. Meaning that we help create a “decision making infrastructure” on how to handle the human and political aspects of water management. Doing this we have a solid expertise in facilitating processes, partnerships, and networks within water management and climate adaptation leading to new ways of thinking – whether the aim is the implementation of climate adaptation on a strategic city planning level or on a product development level. Furthermore, our services support strategic planning with the use of climate services that helps us further support climate service suppliers as well as offer decision support services to city administrations hereby assisting the transition to climate resilient cities.