Søren Faebo

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Søren Faebo

A few manage to rethink the building industry from the inside - Søren does. As a business developer, Søren has been responsible for some of the most significant “Skype successes” in the building industry - including Altan.dk, Alevator, and several marketing and business concepts in RBE and Enemærke & Petersen (Danish contractors).

In particular, Søren works with the product and construction part of the building industry and thus maintaining a focus on the entire value chain. Doing this, Søren challenges current strategies and practices making room for radical innovation in the construction industry.

With a passion for branding and articulation of business concepts Søren makes sure that an innovative idea is successfully executed and commercialized.

On his track record Søren has a wide range of practical innovation projects where he has worked with e.g. open innovation and configuration. In addition, he has a solid market and management background and a wide-ranging network within the building industry.

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