Freja Bach Kristensen


Freja Bach Kristensen

With an academic background in social anthropology Freja ensures that the user-perspective is integrated in an inclusive and productive way in innovation and development processes.

Freja has worked with user involvement both internationally and in a Danish context and through anthropological methods and theory she is able to furtherthe understanding of the user perspective. She is strong in qualitative methods and has several years of experience in conducting interviews and observations. With her ability to identify tacit knowledge and underlying assumptions as well as her excellent interpersonal skills she is able to take part in and facilitate co-creation processes in a way that enables the actors involved to talk with and not just to each other securing the progression of the project.

From her academic work Freja has significant analytical insights into complex collaboration processes as well as ways of thinking about and dealing with climate from a cultural dimensione, meaning both the cultural implications as well as local perceptions of and reactions to climate change. 

Combined with her experience with commercial service and product development, she is able to engage in academic research whilst still keeping a commercial end-product in mind. 

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