Vandet fra landet /// Fakta
Naturstyrelsen, Teknologisk Institut – Rørcenteret, Orbicon og en række kommuner og vandforsyningsselskaber

”Vandet fra landet” (the water from the countryside) is a partnership initiated by The Danish Nature Agency and comprises municipalities, water companies, technical experts, and private companies – among these Smith.

The objective of the partnership is to identify how to manage the water that runs from the countryside towards the cities and here creating potential flooding. The partnership has therefore led to the development, testing and maturing of water management solutions that can prevent or hinder the water from coming in to the cities.

Furthermore, there has been developed methods for organizing and managing cross sectorial public private innovation with an aim to use climate adaptation as a driver for green growth. In the partnership Smith has been responsible for identification of the political framework conditions, facilitating the decision-making process, and the formulation of visions and values.

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